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Rose Hip

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Rose Hip Nutrients(Vitamin)

  • Product concept

    1. Product Name: Rose Hibita C
    2. Normal foods
    3. Since the product is produced in tablet form, it is a circular shape, not a capsule image
    4. Product Characteristics Points

    - Use of Rosehip raw materials recognized as raw materials for joint health food
    - "Report of vitamins rose heap"
    - Vitamin C is 60 times lemon
    - Prevent DNA breakage and prevent disease or skin aging
    - Beta-carotene and lycopene, which are excellent for antioxidant activity,
    - Gamma linolenic acid, retinoic acid, vitamins A, B1.2, E, P which are effective for anti-inflammation, hypoglycemia and anti-cancer
    - Joints and cartilages Health benefits for the health of the same used as a raw material in Denmark Hyben-Vital rose hip
    - Danish rose hips used as health food raw materials in Australia, Europe, America, etc.