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Ode Mountain Pine Honey ELEFUN with customer satisfaction as a top priority
Introduction of item

Ode Mountain Pine Honey
100% Honey Honey with a lot of domestic honey

· Because the blooming tree in Odae-san is a blooming flower in June, the precious honey
· The content of glucose in fructose and glucose in the honey of honey bee is high
· Water is clear and air is good.

Product Features
  • Oda Mountain Honey Features

    It is a precious flower because it is a flower that blooms in June and it is irregular in quantity to be collected every year according to the weather.
    In other words, the peach nectar produced in the rainy season is very difficult to collect honey.

    Water Clear and airy Gangwon-do Ode Mountain 100% domestic natural honey is collected.

  • It is a natural phenomenon that the quality of fruit is high because the content of glucose in fructose and glucose in honey is high and the external temperature is low.
    Crystallized honey can be dissolved in hot water in hot water.

    Storing the honey in the refrigerator may cause crystallization, but it does not directly affect the quality of the honey.

Product composition
  • 500g 1
  • 500g 2
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